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What do I do after my appointment but before I shower?

  • Shower your tan off at the time provided to you by your spray tan technician.  Our tan technicians provide our clients with an exact shower time.
  • Do not sweat, wash dishes, do laundry… until you shower off your spray tan.  You cannot have any moisture on your skin until your spray tan is washed off.
  • If you fall sleep with your spray tan on be sure to try to avoid skin to skin contact.  This could darken the tan in certain areas and fade the tan in other areas.  Shimmer n Glow exclusively offers a rapid tan, meaning you can shower within 2-4 hours of your appointment time.  You should not have to sleep with your tan on.

How to maintain my spray tan?

  • Shower with a light body wash.  Our Ultra Body Wash is great and is available for purchase on our website.
  • Moisturize after every shower to promote an even fading process.
  • Avoid skin exfoliation until you're ready for your next spray tan
  • Pat dry when necessary, don’t rub!
  • Since we wash our faces most often, the face tends to fade faster than the rest of us.   Purchase our best-selling self-tanning spray which is available on our website.  This product is amazing for face touch-ups!

Pre and Post Spray Tanning Tips


How to prepare yourself for the perfect spray tan? 

  • All hair removal (including waxing) and skin exfoliation should be done the day before your spray tan appointment.  Our Ultra Body Scrub is great and is available for purchase on our website.
  • If you plan on having nails done or hair colored, do this the day before your spray tan appointment
  • On the day of your spray tan, shower at least four hours prior to your spray tan session using a light body wash (no harsh soaps that could leave a residue on your skin).
  • No lotion, makeup or perfume on your skin for your spray tan session
  • Wear loose, dark clothing to your spray tan appointment

The Perfect Tan Plan